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1st December 2021

This 1st DAMA EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) Conference will bring together data passionate, practitioners and sponsors from the entire region to network and share initiatives, ideas and challenges in relation to Data Strategy, Policy, Tech and People.

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DAMA Chapters representing 25 countries within the EMEA region

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Community of over 3000 professionals speaking one Data Language

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Equality & Inclusivity letter of Intents

We aim for the most inclusive and equal DAMA EMEA Conference possible and we will work with all our chapters, partners, sponsors and speakers to achieve this goal. We will continue to publish further information on our journey and to collect feedback to make this possible, with everone's contribution.

Why attend?

During this 1 day conference you will benefit from endless opportunities to broaden your perspective on Data Management. You will connect with our global community and get key insights on training and working towards your CDMP Certification (Certified Data Management Practitioner). Click here for more information about our Europe Learning Week initiative where training courses will be delivered by some of our internationally recognised and award winning Data Management Trainers.


Learning Week

The learning week is a unique opportunity for all Data professionals. It has been designed as a journey from Associate through full CDMP Practitioner in just 4 days of intensive training.

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Learning Materials
Learners will be provided through a dedicated education platform with all relevant material, including Exercises, Examples and Case Studies.

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Remote Learning
The advantage of live interaction with the Trainer and Students without the need to move from your home or office.


Filippo Candela

compagnia di san paolo

Marcel Lee


Charlotte Van Ooijen

The Lisbon Council

chris bradley dama

Christopher Bradley

dama international

Nino Letteriello

dama international

Peter Aiken


Winfried Etzel


Francesco Mureddu

Francesco Mureddu


christine legner

Christine Legner


Conor Sayles

Bank of Ireland

Carl Kane

DAMA Ireland

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About DAMA

Since its foundation in the early 1980s, the Data Association Management (DAMA) has grown in more than 65 nations, with over 50 affiliated chapters, and another 40 in the process of formation. DAMA International is one of the oldest and most renowned not-for-profit, vendor-independent, Global association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management.


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