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Sponsoring #DATAConf2022 means becoming part of the EMEA Community of DAMA chapters. It means reaching out to over 2000 Data Management Professionals

Why sponsor the Conference of DAMA Chapters of the EMEA region?

The #DATAConf2022 is not just any conference!
This is an unmissable opportunity to get involved in key discussion and talking points that will shape the future of Data Management practice. As well as being an incredible opportunity for companies to connect with our community, this event will also enable opportunities to make key business connections in the data space. 




your company data brand awareness


your Data network

Meet our attendees

and understand what they are looking for

Decide on your agenda

and shape it with decision makers


your own bespoke opportunity

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Bip is the international consultancy firm of the 21st century. Free from a technological legacy that would force us to impose complex products and skills that no one needs anymore. Free from a professional legacy that separates strategy from execution. Free from a cultural legacy that rewards more and longer over faster and better. Free to dare.
DataGalaxy is so much more than a data catalog. We offer the first platform dedicated to metadata mapping, active metadata management, and metadata knowledge sharing for the largest number of people.
Irion’s mission is to support the businesses in making the most of their data with little effort and using an innovative technology. Data is the essence of digital innovation. Do you want to trust your data? Do you want to improve the data management processes, saving the time and reducing the costs? We can help you with the declarative, integrated, modular Enterprise Data Management platform that many clients already successfully use.

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